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2nd World Deaf Football Championships

16th - 28st July 2012

turkey logoExciting news for all of us that have been working on this project and I'm sure for all the players and teams involved. The World Deaf Football Championships will be held in Ankara, Turkey from July 16-28, 2012. We are very proud and happy to also announce that WRAD will be the official supporter of this event. A most respected and trusted organization.

Let's Get Down To The Details

When Is The Event?: All the matches are scheduled to take place between Monday, July 16, 2012 at 1:30pm until Saturday, July 28, 2012 at 11:30pm. It is highly unlikely this schedule will change now that all the organizers have officially signed off on the timetable so you can feel safe to start booking your flights and accomodation from today.

image 2Where Wil The Championships Be Held?: This year the championships will be held in the beautiful place of Ankara, Turkey. Upon careful inspection of many different venues all around the world we finally decided upon Turkey as the host nation. We were very impressed by their keen sense of enthusiasm to host such an event and the facilities on offer are of a very high standard. Everything from wheelchair access to professional football pitches/dressing rooms are on offer here. Not to mention very dependable sunny weather for the entire month too!

Since this truly is an international event we are so pleased to welcome many players from all around the world to participate in the event. Obvsiouly this kind of undertaking is never easy due to the fact that so many people must agree in co-operation to come together and really make it happen but the teams have all been great to work with.

It's a true testiment to the vitality of Deaf football and the ever growing number of local teams in numerous countries around the world, their passion and love for the sport and to help deaf players showcase their talents on the world stage is wonderfully inspiring to witness.

We must also thank all of the governmental bodies who support these teams and organizations from a grass root level with funding and help every season.

This event is sponsored by Turkish Deaf Sport Federation.

Stadium Names & Locations

Cebeci Football Stadium

Golbasi Football Stadium

Golbasi Astroturf Football Stadium

Etimesgut Astroturf Football Stadium

Sincan Football Stadium

Sincan Astroturf Football Stadium would be used as the main six venues for the duration of the championships for both the men and women competitions.

The May Sport Complex Stadiums – the main biggest stadium – would be used for both the men and women finals.

USA Deaf Sports Federation

Deaf Sports Australia

Canadian Deaf Sports Association